Tell me about TSI International

TSI International Group's HQ is located in the Greater Toronto Area in the heart of Mississauga. We also have offices or representatives in the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. Our core businesses are Land Banking Investment, Property Management, General Contracting Construction and Real Estate Development. We are regarded because of the expertise of our principals to be the pioneers who introduced Land banking investment in Canada to Asia and Japan. We are specialists with experiences in many different fields.

What kind of backgrounds do the people who manage TSI International Group have?

Dan Lane worked for the Ontario government for 8 years and his speciality is in urban development. He has established a tight relationship with the relevant government officials. He also has a thorough knowledge of the real estate market and conditions of development. The CEO of TSI International Group based in Japan, Stephen Huggins has worked in the international financial field for a long time and is a pioneer and specialist in introducing land banking investment to the Asian markets since 1996. Other key executives are specialists in different fields with a wealth of experience.

If TSI's management condition deteriorated, what would happen with the investment fund?

TSI has significant assets and our business performance is constantly improving. Even in the case of bankruptcy, each client's title of investment is registered with the Ontario government and it won't be affected directly. However, it might effect on the land value due to the delay of getting approval in development.

Where does TSI International select properties?

TSI International chooses areas that are local in aspect because of the principals’ wide-level of understanding and expertise in the area. In the case of TSI International, its properties are located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the Golden Horseshoe Area, and urban areas within the province of Ontario.

Why Ontario?

Ontario is strategically located close to a market of 155 million people in the USA and Canada with a superior infrastructure through the 400 series of highways that connect the province. Its strategic location with ease of access to markets through NAFTA, make it an excellent location for the development of a variety of key industries.

Why the Golden Horseshoe Area?

The Golden Horseshoe Area is a densely populated and industrialized region (or urban agglomeration) centred around the western end of Lake Ontario in Southern Ontario, Canada, with outer boundaries stretching south to Lake Erie and north to Georgian Bay. Most of it is also part of the Windsor-Quebec City corridor. With a population of 8.1 million people, it makes up slightly over a quarter (25.6%) of the population of Canada and contains approximately 75% of Ontario's population, making it one of the largest population concentrations in North America.

Why the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)?

The Greater Toronto Area, an area comprising of the City of Toronto and the 4 regions of Halton, Peel, Durham & York . The population of the GTA is just under 6 million in a surface area of 7,200 square kilometers. The 400 series has major highways running through the area; the 401, (part of the 400 series) is the busiest highway in North America. Also the Greater Toronto Area is strategically close to the North Eastern American markets of New York, Boston, Chicago & Detroit, which makes it a strategic place to invest.