TSI International Launches the new LEIT investment concept

Dec 2012
TSI International's LEIT Concept

On Wednesday December 12th at the Canadian Embassy of Japan in Tokyo, Stephen Huggins CEO of TSI International officially announced a brand new investment vehicle, Land Equity Investment Trusts (LEITs). This innovative new asset class will satisfy investor needs in seeking capital appreciation by combining land equity with complementary components such as urban renewal, government guaranteed infrastructures, guaranteed investment certificates (GICs) or other secure financial instruments.This allows investors to benefit from the returns of land investment as well as manage their level of acceptable risk and gain by selecting a LEIT blend to suit their investment preferences. LEITs are designed to produce targeted returns regardless of market conditions and provide a partial or complete capital guarantee depending on the structure and blend chosen by the investor. In providing investors with this unique alternative investment product, LEITs have tremendous growth potential as a new market segment.