Executive Profiles

The people who formed and manage TSI were football teammates from an early age, so teamwork is as natural as breathing to us. We work as a single unit from the initial customer contact to the final back office settlement, because we’ve found that this seamless unity of purpose produces optimal results for our investors. They TSI Group are pioneers in the real estate and land equity investment fields.

Daniel Lane

President (Canada)

Daniel Lane was born and raised in Halton, a region of the GTA. He attended the University of Western Ontario (UWO). After graduation in 1990, he joined the Provincial Government of Ontario.

His main responsibilities include the strategy and purchase of TSI properties, development and planning of all lands as well as working with local government officials.

Mr. Lane's experience has allowed him to develop many mutually beneficial relationships. The relationships have also assisted Mr. Lane with gaining knowledge of future population growth projections; and construction and development needs in many regions in the GTA.

Timothy P. Shields

Representative Director (Japan)

Upon receiving his Masters at New York University in 1982, Tim was selected as one of the few Presidential Management Interns under President Ronald Reagan and worked in Washington DC for three years. He later transferred to the US Attorney’s Office in New York City as both Financial and Executive Officer for Rudy Giuliani.

After several years he moved into the private sector serving as a CIO, President and Director for major multinational firms in London and Japan. He has also served at partner level for some of the largest management consulting firms in the UK, New York City and Tokyo; all in the area of financial services advice and projects for investment banks and insurance companies.

Tim brings 30 years of CxO-level experience in multiple disciplines. He has been advising TSI International Group from its beginnings and was appointed joint Representative Director in 2014. Based in Tokyo, he is a holder of both Ireland and USA nationality.

Hiroyuki Kawashima

Representative Director (Japan)

Hiroyuki Kawashima is a graduate of Nihon University who has more than 20 years’ experience of working with Japanese investors on overseas investments. During his career he has worked for several foreign insurance companies in Japan. He has also founded and managed a couple of asset management companies.

After a number of years with TSI International Group, he was in 2014 promoted to joint Representative Director.

Takashi Kinoshita

Statutory Auditor (Japan)

Following his graduation from Chuo University, Takashi Kinoshita remained at Chuo teaching and researching in the law department. He then spent a couple of years as director of the Japan Legal Association before he started his career in finance in 1989.

He held various management roles in product development, planning, transaction management, administration, legal and compliance at firms such as Morgan Stanley, Putnam, Fuji Investment Management and Chemical Trust. He spent a decade with Citigroup where his most recent position was as Statutory Auditor of Citibank Japan.