Directors' Message

TSI’s business is based on a simple concept – banking land and promoting Canada as an investment destination. We help both private and institutional investors to access Canada.
The TSI group of companies traces its roots back to its first involvement in Canadian real estate in 1997. In 2003 we established the group internationally and became TSI International Group with headquarters in Greater Toronto, Ontario, Canada and a representative office in Tokyo, Japan. Shortly thereafter we opened our Asian headquarters in Hong Kong. To this day, TSI International Group continues to be managed from these three international financial centres – Toronto, Tokyo and Hong Kong – in order to stay close to both our investments and our investors. We will continue to focus on what we know best – Canadian land and real estate opportunities combined with a vast network of international investors, most of them from Asia. TSI’s investment activities in Canada help create jobs and give companies access to the wider North American markets.
The management team of TSI International Group has a strong background in not just Canadian land investments and real estate, but also solid experience in investment management and operations from major international investment banks, asset managers and other financial institutions. Our experienced and dedicated team is well-positioned to give international investors access to real asset investment opportunities in Canada.
Together with our product and distribution partners around the world we will continue to bring Canadian land investment opportunities to suitable private and institutional investors.
Yours sincerely.
Daniel Lane, President (TSI International Group Inc., Canada
Timothy P. Shields, Director (TSI International Group K.K., Japan)
Hiroyuki Kawashima, Director (TSI International Group K.K., Japan)